Life’s Most Brutal Lesson: It Owes You Nothing

Nicole Baptista
3 min readJun 24, 2020

“Why me?”

“I deserve so much better than this…”

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness. Or maybe you’ve lost your job again. Or you’re going through a bad break up.

And you’re thinking to yourself “What did I do to deserve this sh*t?!”

Quite frankly, you did nothing to deserve it. But that isn’t the way life works anyway.

Life doesn’t owe you anything.

Life doesn’t owe you love.

Life doesn’t owe you wealth.

Life doesn’t owe you good health.

Life doesn’t owe you that sexy ass or that six-pack.

Life doesn’t owe you success.

Really, think about it. Why should it?

You are put on this earth in a living body and the rest sort of just… happens...

Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to crappy people.

The richest people on this earth seem to do nothing to help the poor. Children get cancer. Footballers get paid much more than nurses. Wars happen. Babies are born with disabilities. It’s not fair.

But we aren’t entitled to a single thing.

Ouch. It hurts, right?

“Why me?” you ask.

“Why not you?” Life responds.

You can throw as many pity- parties as you like, it won’t change anything.

No one on this planet is exempt from difficult times.

You have to make your own way in life.

You want success and wealth? Then you have to work for it.

You want that hot bod? Get your ass to the gym and work for it.

You want to find true love? Then you really have to put yourself out there, take risks.

You want good health? Treat your body with respect. Eat well. Move. Keep stress to a minimum.

Some things you can change or improve. Some you can’t.

But you know what?

There’s good in all of this.

Nicole Baptista

Writer I Poet I Language Teacher. Let's talk: Spirituality, education, feminism. Also baby goat obsessed. Insta: @nicoleandthemoon