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“I hate that I’m unable to say no.”

“I hate that I’m unable to stick up for myself. How did I become this way?”

These are thoughts that cross the minds of the people pleasers frequently. People pleasers are experts at accommodating other people’s needs but often putting themselves last. As long as others are happy, people pleasers are happy — or are we?

These are some of the traits most people pleasers have in common:

>>A strong need for control.
>> Needing to be perfect.
>> Changing ourselves so that we blend into the group. …

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Our posture can give a lot away about us, perhaps even more than our words.

How many times did you hear “stop slouching” or “sit up straight” as a child?

Probably hundreds of times. We are the text-neck generation — and COVID-19 hasn’t helped the situation, unfortunately.

But our bad posture might have less to do with not “sitting up straight” and a lot more to do with our stress levels, our stored traumas, or our lack of self-esteem.

When we see someone with good posture, the qualities that probably come to mind are someone who is confident, open-minded, and positive. …

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If you’ve ever dealt with a narcissist you’ll know their actions and words can have you doubting yourself and wondering if you’re just going crazy.

Chances are, you’re not going crazy. Narcissists are expert manipulators and belittle their partners in order to give themselves a sense of self-importance. They intentionally distort your reality through their words so that they have the upper hand in all situations.

Here are a few common phrases narcissists use, and what they actually mean.

1. You’re Too Sensitive/ You’re Overreacting

Translation: “I’m gaslighting you. I’m invalidating your feelings and at the same time shaming you for feeling the way you do.

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The year that will never be forgotten. Not for the greatest of reasons, obviously.

The uncertainty of events has left many of us feeling frightened, stressed, low, tired… and there’s nothing wrong with this. Most of us have never experienced such a traumatic event on a global scale.

But with all this fear and anxiety, lots of us are struggling with physical problems like headaches, stomach pains, panic attacks and tightness in our chests (all normal responses to stress). It can often feel hard to keep up with daily tasks.

But all is not lost.

If you start to…

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You’ve just graduated and are looking for your first job. Or you’re looking to begin an entirely new career that you’ve been interested in for a while.

Either way, you’re going to need a CV. It’s the first thing your employers will see about you. So you need to STAND OUT.

*Stares at blank sheet*

Ok, but how do I start?

Here’s a helpful guide to get you going.

  1. Length Is Important:

Don’t write more than two sheets of A4 paper.

On a survey done by Reed, results showed that 91% of recruiters consider two pages to be the perfect…

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Has your world ever felt like a big fat giant mess?

We all have points in our lives where we face hardships. It might be that you’re struggling to decide on a new career, going through a difficult divorce, or the loss of a loved one.

During these times you might find it hard to think clearly, to make a decision, or to process an emotion. Yet, there is a simple, cheap, and effective method to help you through these times: journaling.

When you think of journaling you might think of it as something pre-teens and teenagers do. Probably not…

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Teaching a child a new foreign language from scratch… sounds quite daunting, doesn’t it?

But there’s good news: children pick up languages very quickly.

They’re curious, creative, and absorb new words like sponges.

In fact, the earlier they learn a new language, the better!

There are endless reasons why your child should learn another language.

Bilingual children are more creative. They are better problem-solvers, concentrate better than monolingual kids, and will eventually have better opportunities both job and travel-wise.

You may want your child to be able to communicate with their grandparents when you take them back home during the…

The red flags were there. But you fell in the same trap again, didn’t you?

Charming, attentive, loving. Or so they seemed at first. Only to turn out manipulative, punishing, and cold.


People who tend to attract these kinds of partners often ask themselves why they are narcissist- magnets.

More importantly, they are keen on finding ways to stop the pattern from repeating itself.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can leave a person emotionally wrecked. They may also live in fear of the same thing happening again with a new partner.

According to the Recovery Village, a…

“Why me?”

“I deserve so much better than this…”

Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness. Or maybe you’ve lost your job again. Or you’re going through a bad break up.

And you’re thinking to yourself “What did I do to deserve this sh*t?!”

Quite frankly, you did nothing to deserve it. But that isn’t the way life works anyway.

Life doesn’t owe you anything.

Life doesn’t owe you love.

Life doesn’t owe you wealth.

Life doesn’t owe you good health.

Life doesn’t owe you that sexy ass or that six-pack.

Life doesn’t owe you success.


Growing up as a child I was always being told to ‘put others first.’

I heard it hundreds of times, from my teachers, from my parents, at church.

And I did. I listened to other’s problems even when I was barely managing my own.

I said yes to every request and invite, even when deep down my body was screaming NO!

My empathetic personality traits didn’t help.

I would feel guilty saying no to a friend when I didn’t feel like going to that bar. …

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Writer I Language Tutor. Interested in everything Health and Education related. Also baby goat obsessed.

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